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Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly Kisses, was started in March 2018 in my mother's kitchen one Sunday afternoon. The discovery of various chemicals included in many brands as well as my family's skin issues is what made the brand less of a dream and more of an attainable reality.

We started with bath bombs and soaps and swiftly included all products related to enjoying a relaxing bathing experience.

Our brand is built on being environmentally friendly and sustainable sourced. Meaning that if an ingredient costs damage to the environment we refuse to use it (palm oil). We also have weather permitting formulas and are 95% vegan (we use organic beeswax in our beard butter for men). Everything from our soaps to our foot scrubs are 100% homemade as well as handmade in this mother and daughter owned establishment.

Here at Butterfly Kisses we offer delicate, vegan and hypoallergenic bath and body products.  All of our products are uniquely handcrafted  and organic. Butterfly Kisses creates everything from body scrubs, bath bombs, massage oils, and soy candles for both men and women.

What sets us apart is that we no longer use plastics for our packaging,as well as we,have eliminated all recipes that are not 100% natural and organic.

As a mother relaxing after a long day of life is what's needed.  Our goal is for you all to also enjoy relaxing with our brand as much as we do. 

sprinkle shimmer
into your life

butters. scrubs. candles

Luxurious. Organic. Vegan. Bath and Body Products

"invest in your skin,

its going to represent you 

for a very long time"

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